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Quotations from the book "Computer System Reliability", by Roy Longbottom, published by Wiley, 1980:

"Reliability of electronics generally deteriorates as temperature rises ………. Dust can cause filters and cooling airways to be blocked giving rise to higher operating temperatures ………. Certain peripherals, for example magnetic devices, are particularly sensitive to dust which can lead to data corruption or physical damage to the media ………. Static electricity discharges can occur between the equipment and personnel and can cause data corruption or destruction of electronic components"


Today’s servers and comms equipment benefit from modern technology with microminiturisation of electronics to produce faster speeds. The downside is more concentrated heat in a smaller space. On magnetic media, data densities have increased in a similar manner, with huge amounts of data now occupying a much reduced area.
Dust is still the enemy.

Roy Longbottom 2007

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You could use your own cleaning staff but far better are skilled contractors using specialist equipment and cleaning products.
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