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Why have your Kitchen Deep Cleaned?


Why choose us for your Kitchen Deep Clean?

  • Environmental Health Office visits are frequent and sometimes without notice, unless you ensure your kitchen is kept clean you may be closed down!
  • A regularly cleaned kitchen makes for a better and more hygienic working environment
See the DIRTY PICTURES below.

Steam cleaner
DALEK? No, one of our steam cleaners but
  • We offer Part or Full kitchen cleans as a one-off or on a regular basis.
  • Our highly trained staff use only state of the art equipment and the very latest in chemical technology.
  • We ensure all areas are cleaned thoroughly including hard to reach and unseen areas, for example, under work surfaces, behind fridges and freezers.
  • Kitchen extraction systems cleaned and ventilation ductwork degreased.
  • Cleaning can be undertaken at any time, day or night to suit your operation.
  • We will always go that extra mile to provide continued satisfaction.
For more information on the machinery and processes used contact us at:

Tele: 01268 786779   Mobile: 0780 1670 826
E-Mail: tony@roomstoclean.com

Click on photos below to see the big picture of our cleaning

  Dirty Clean Dirty Clean

Page 1
Sample 1 dirty

Sample 1 clean

Sample 2 dirty

Sample 2 clean

Page 2

Sample 3 dirty

Sample 3 clean

Sample 4 dirty

Sample 4 clean

Page 3

Sample 5 dirty

Sample 5 clean

Sample 6 dirty

Sample 6 clean

Page 4

Sample 7 dirty

Sample 7 clean

Sample 8 dirty

Sample 8 clean

Page 5

Sample 9 dirty

Sample 9 clean

Sample 10 dirty

Sample 10 clean

Page 6

Sample 11 dirty

Sample 11 clean

Tele: 01268 786779   Mobile: 0780 1670 826    E-Mail: tony@roomstoclean.com